Carpet Cleaning Process

We could not be the areas top carpet cleaning provider if we did not have an extensive and repeatable process that is done with every home or apartment that we visit. 
This process has proven to remove the toughest stains from red wine to pet stains we have been able to get it out and make the carpet look good as new. The will ensure that you receive your security deposit back when it comes time to move out.
The following steps can be performed* with every visit so that you can be sure to get the best service possible.

  1. Pre-clean Inspection – Prior to starting any job the technician will walk through the area to be cleaned and identify any potential permanent stains and also the over condition of the carpet.
  2. Dry Vacuum – An inital pass with our commercial grade vacuums will remove any loose or coated debris and also all dry soils present in the carpet
  3. Furniture Relocation – If furniture is present we will place it on carpet sliders so that it can be moved and the whole area of carpet can be cleaned. 
  4. Pre-clean Spot Treatment – Using our industrial grade stain removers the technician will pre-soak any stains present on the carpet.
  5. Pre-Soak – After all spots have been sprayed the technician will pre-soak the carpet. This is done with a heavy duty spray that is formulated specifically to break down stains and dirt that has bonded to the fibers in your carpet
  6. Tough Scrub – An agitator is then used on your carpet that will massage the carpet fibers and help to break free the tough stains
  7. Steam Clean – Using the latest steam cleaning methods of hot water extraction the technician will cover all areas of your flooring to remove the dirt and debris.
  8. Fresh Scent – A deodorizer can be applied to your carpet after steam cleaning to have them smelling fresh and better than the day they were installed!
  9. Stain Protection – a protective spray is then applied to your flooring to guard against stains recurring in the future due to spills or pet “accidents”
  10. Furniture Relocated – Your furniture will now be moved back to its original layout and the carpet sliders removed
  11. Carpet Grooming – You carpet will now be groomed or fluffed. This process uses a carpet rake to lessen the amount of time needed to dry by exposing as much surface area of the carpet as possible.
  12. Forced Carpet Drying – To speed up the drying process we can use commercial grade fans to blow air across the surface of the flooring and lessen the time needed for the carpet to dry.
  13. Post Clean Inspection – For 100% customer satisfaction the technician will perform a walkthrough and review all areas that were cleaned with you.

To find out when we can come and clean your carpet call Carpet Cleaning Greenville today!

* Steps 6, 8 and 12 are optional and can be included at an additional cost